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One-on-one Consults

This is my go to to help individuals achieve their goal. I take a thorough and deep history and then we begin to formulate a plan which can include a dietary plan, supplementation recommendations, detoxification, etc. We take it step by step and I work with your specific needs and your lifestyle. Individualism is important. Consults are in person if you live locally in Utah, and I also take clients from all over via phone or Business Skype.

Initial Consults 60 min appointment: $90.00

Follow-Up Consult 40 min appointment: $70.00

Allergy Treatment

I perform allergy treatments that are similar to NAET Allergy Treatment. From food allergies, environmental allergies like trees, grass and pollen to animals and a range of other things that include hormones, neurotransmitters, vitamins, etc. that I can help your body to clear.

For more info on NAET Allergy Treatment click here.

Initial Allergy Evaluation: $80

Follow-up Allergy Appointment: $50

Group Classes

This is where all the fun happens! I teach a large variety of classes some cooking classes, preconception classes, non-sandwich lunches, children nutrition, etc. Make sure to like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram for updates on when and where classes will be held and be sure to snag a spot before they are all gone.

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