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Welcome to Inside and Out Nutrition. Here I hope you get to know me a little better and understand how important the role of food plays in our lives. Food is a necessity of life and is our foundation for how our body functions in every sphere. Learning healthy nutrition is much more than a regimen food plan or dieting, it is learning to make lifestyle changes that help to heal your body individually. Wherever you are on this journey to health, I’m excited to be a part of it.

I just wanted to say thank you, I have been telling doctors for years how my body ached sometimes so bad my husband would hug me and I would just get irritated, my muscles were sore all the time I would try to go to the gym and push through the pain I would wake up the next day unable to move, finally I went to the emergency room and they did an MRI on my lower back and called it arthritis, so then I knew my new job was going to be the death of me, because of sitting in a chair most of the day. So this summer I bought a bicycle and me and my husband started out doing small rides. I could tell my hips were getting stronger but the pain was worse I would stretch in the morning and would just break out in a sweat. Anyways since I have been following the Gluten free and even with the recent flu bug I woke up this morning with no pain I was trying to explain it to my husband this morning and just busted into tears, so I wanted you to know how much you have helped me, I know I have a long way to go but I have been so blown away on my issues were the simplest solution.

Thank you,

J. Anonymous

Muscle Pain Gone

Since 2011 I have dealt with severe headaches and debilitating anxiety that left me not only unable to work, but unable to complete many daily functions of life I used to take for granted.   After consulting with numerable doctors and specialists from Anchorage to Seattle, Phoenix, Houston and beyond, I was shuffled between neurologists and psychiatrists, placed on high doses of medications that only made me feel worse. My quality of life continued to decline, and I was even told it was just “all in my head” by a couple specialists at highly regarded clinics who just didn’t know what to do.

After being on pain medication for too long, I was referred to a pain medicine doc. From that point on, my quality of life dramatically improved.   She immediately recognized the real issues causing the pain, and worked to take immediate plan of action.  This also involved referring me to Dr. Carlson and Becca Richardson his Clinical Nutritionist.   Between the two of them, they analyzed my lack of essential nutrients, and looked at my medical issues from a whole body perspective instead of just treating individual symptoms. We began to make noticeable improvements. Within a year, I was completely blown away by the difference between general medical approaches and an integrative medicine approach. It wasn’t always easy or quick to fix, but by choosing to listen to Becca and following her advice, changing my diet modified to my body’s needs, doing (some type of light treatment) oxygen and other therapies, I am a complete believer.

I am grateful to this team for their belief in me and their help.

A. C.

Severe Headaches and Debilitating Anxiety