Freezing Ginger and “Fire Cider”

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Do you hate mincing ginger down super fine or hate peeling that fine peel off? Here’s a way to never have to peel or mince ginger again! FREEZE IT WHOLE! I throw my big ginger pieces straight into a freezer bag. Once frozen I take one piece out and zest what I need (or you can use the fine side of a grater). Soooooo much easier! Now you have 10 more minutes to do some squats or meditation or heck, sit on the couch and get off your feet for a second. 

Have you heard of Fire Cider? It’s a tonic that has so many amazing properties to it! It’s anti-inflammatory, boosts the immune system, aids in digestion and detoxification. The one thing I use it for most though it to help prevent or kick those cold or flu viruses! So Covid-19? Yep, I’ve been taking it daily since March! Here’s a recipe from Claudia at Healthy Preparedness! She is amazing! This is the easiest and quickest recipe I’ve found yet! Oh and does it use that ginger you’ve frozen? Sure does! Happy Fermenting!